Brand Agency

Concept Depot. Naming and branding development

ViMarketing! agency was challenged with unique naming and branding development for a company specializing in kitchen equipment for caterers. The projects developed by the Bureau consider every single detail, which allows restaurants not only to cook delicious meals, but also provide their guests with an exceptional service experience.

The main audience is mainly chief cooks. What defines them is the high level of attention to detail, an always clean work space and a need for convenient equipment arrangement. Also the company's business is focused on five star and premium segment hotels.

The process of project development, from a first pencil touch to a final designer's work, made the basis of the concept proposed by the agency. The concept demonstrates the perfectionism the Bureau reflects in their every project. Because of the perfectionism, in particular, a project developed for a fast-food restaurant will differ greatly from the one executed for a fusion cuisine restaurant. The philosophy behind the Concept Depot name is in the very attentive approach to the concepts that underlie future projects. Concept Bureau is literally a creative space, where very personalized solutions are born, the ones that answer clients' specific goals and needs. The blue color was chosen because it reminds of ink that's been used in blueprints for centuries. The story behind the logo comes from comparing the work the company does with construction tools. In order to get great results, you have to combine the various parts to build something solid. Exactly like with project concepting.