Brand Agency

Branding of Major Sailing Project

For the second time in a row ViMarketing! agency acted as a marketing partner for the branding of the stages of the National Sailing League - the largest sailing project in Russia. In October 2015 the participation of the agency in the project's branding allowed making it one of the most prominent and professional-looking in terms of sports marketing in this sphere.

The main objective of cooperation with the Sailing Federation is to make the National Sailing League one of the largest and interesting projects for viewers, participants, partners and sponsors. The agency has chosen the strategy of creating the Formula One on Water. It is embodied in the design of advertising materials, branding of the boats, as well as advertising solutions implemented at the site.

Designing of the coastal territory from the light boxes to large banners, ceremonial opening and awarding areas. Creating the press walls and image rollups, commemorative souvenirs, prizes and gifts for the guests and participants of the competition - all these obligations were borne by the agency. ViMarketing! has also developed the outdoor advertising, which was located in the best places of the city, which undoubtedly allowed drawing attention of the new viewers to the event. The whole territory of the event was filled with sports drive and extreme.