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Sailboats branding for Russian national yachting league

ViMarketing! agency has developed a new concept of branding for the boats of the Russian Yachting Federation within the framework of the National Yachting League project.
The main objective is to attract the attention of viewers and new sponsor brands to sailing. There is no doubt that sailing is a sport created for the sponsorship and effective solutions in the field of marketing and branding. In this sense, it is able to compete with more famous and popular football and ice hockey.

Boats are one of the major advertising media. They are flashing not only in all photos, but most importantly, they are perfectly noticeable during the TV broadcasting. Virtually every element of the boat, as well as in a racing car, is branded, which allows placing a large number of sponsors and informtion of the partners. The sides of the boats, sails, cockpit, boom, parking flags - all together is a large field for branding. The logos on the boats are working to increase the brand awareness and image of the partners not only during the races, but also during the parking near the pier. Therefore, it is the branding concept which affects the kind of efficiency the sponsors and partners will get from such placement.

The designed branding arrested sights and effectively complemented the aesthetics of the dynamic, extreme and incredibly fascinating sailing. The photo and video reports will favorably underline the sports style of the boats, while the active red color will create a direct association with the Formula 1 on the water.