Brand Agency
Kate Malysheva is a popular marketer and blogger. Brand consultant of the largest companies. Received a prestigious marketing education in the best Russian and Western universities. Well known in her work for the biggest brands and in collaborations with many of the most famous companies, H&M, Sberbank, P&G, EY, L’Oreal, Auchan, Zara, Ikea, O'stin, X-fit and others. In each of the projects that Kate is involved in, there are significant results, many have become well-known marketing cases. For high achievements in working with brands, she received the most prestigious award in the field of marketing Kotler Awards, personally from Philip Kotler. Kate does interviews, participates in brand advertising campaigns, developing of new products and collections, do blogs, creates unique projects at the intersection of brands and art. Publications about her and author's materials can be found in well-known press.