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Temptation Days at LILLAPOIS

ViMarketing! has developed the Temptation Days promotion campaign for the LillaPois cosmetic network. The task was to create a special event that could be equally efficient both in sale of decorative cosmetics and perfumery and in loyalty and love to the brand. Temptation Days were held on March 6, 7 and 8 in two LillaPois stores. The customers were assisted by a make-up stylist when choosing cosmetics, and a perfumery professional helped with selecting fragrances. More than 2,000 clients in those days renewed their cosmetic bags with cosmetics hits, selected by the make-up stylist from the range of well-known brands, such as ARTDECO, BOURJOIS, DIVAGE, PUPA, RIMMEL, MAYBELLINE, ESSENCE, LOREAL, ISADORA, MAX FACTOR, WET N WILD. The store was filled with the clouds of perfume odors for the three days while the customers were choosing fragrances with the professional perfumery sommelier. The corporate style of the event was not only bright black and white decoration, but sweet compliments and flowers for customers. Temptation Days became the days of love and service of LillaPois brand. Our agency team has received an unforgettable experience and high sales figures in the network's stores. But undoubtedly the main result was seeing the smiles of satisfied customers, who will time and time again give preference to LillaPois.