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WOW-marketing! video interview

ViMarketing! and WOWCALL company have created WOW-marketing! video project. Each release focuses on the leading marketing experts, key business persons from the companies best known both in the Russian and world market. The program offers to its audience a unique content: an outward glance at the leading brands development, "first hand" promotion strategies. Guests in the studio tell about certain marketing tools, present their real performance indicators, and demonstrate case studies.

At a time when the marketing popularity in Russia is increasing, the creators wish to contribute to its development. The program's mission is to demonstrate and make a point of the marketing tools use, their indispensability for the contemporary business development and brands building.

WOW-marketing! is a video-based instruction for marketing specialists containing figures and findings, which cannot be found in the Internet. The project affords an opportunity to learn from the leading experts, to make use of ready-made market researches, to follow the proved performance indicators of a particular advertising medium. The team constantly improves the program quality, invites external advisors in the field of acting skills and video presentation, works for the creation of entertainment-education videos providing the audience with an important and interesting content in a simple and intelligible form.

Presenter - Kate Malysheva, Head of ViMarketing! Strategic Marketing Agency. Subscribe to our YouTube channel