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Task: Attraction of artists and designers to create a graphic element Splashes for the Russian Yachting Federation.

Our project Splashes is a sort of continuation of the work on rebranding of the Yachting Federation. The fact is that at creation of the Federation's logo, the splashes image became its integral part. We wanted to make splashes an active element in the Federation`s branding, and it turned out to be quite a daunting task, because not all artists and designers are able to implement this element and make it immediately clear that these are splashes.

When sketches with splashes repeatedly turned out to be more like blots of paint or stain, we were finally convinced that this was a very interesting and difficult task for artists and designers. So we decided to make an open project Splashes and ask everyone to participate and present their own vision of the most realistic image of this difficult graphical element.

"Seven very different artists and designers, who have expressed their vision of splashes in different techniques, participated in preparation of our first exhibition, - Katia Malysheva says. - When all the pictures have been collected in one place, it became apparent that this was a very popular project. We have collected a huge amount of positive feedback from the audience, and decided not to enter the project “Splashes" in any time frames, and continued to accept works and attract new interesting authors. Personally, I was very inspired by the project, it opens up new and sometimes unexpected techniques of representation of such an interesting element".

The first exhibition was timed to the opening of the restored river Imperial Yacht Club at Red October, which was held on June 19th, 2014. The project continues, we are glad to see new works and look forward to the authors, who would like to depict splashes and become a participant of the upcoming Biennale.

To participate in the project it is enough to get acquainted with some technical requirements (see requirements) and, of course, to depict Splashes!

Ready works are accepted in the office of our agency.