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Rebranding of the Russian Yachting Federation

Task: To develop a strategy of the Federation, rebranding, development of a brand-book, development of the new Federation's service site: projecting, design, copyright and launch. Introduction of rebranding.

This large and complex project started last year, when Kate Malysheva was addressed with absolutely non-trivial task - creation of a new brand of the Russian Yachting Federation.

Vladimir Nikolaevich Silkin as an experienced leader and a professional in sails, immediately upon his election to the position of the President of the Federation, decided to direct the development of RYF in a completely new, modern direction. Creation of a new brand of the Federation, which would correspond to all requirements of the image of sport public organization, including at the international level, was one of the priority tasks.

The main problem faced by this sport is its unpopularity and a strong opinion that sailing will hit the pocket of the average Russian citizen. So it turns out that the global objective of the project is to create an attractive image of sail in general, and the Federation in particular, to increase the amount of people involved in sport, and as a result, the achievement of new sports victories on the world stage.

The work on the project began with meetings with members of the Board of Trustees of the Federation and the team of the Federation, who expressed their thoughts on the development of sailing in Russia and goals and objectives of the Federation. This was followed by lots of studies of the World Federations, sailing brands, brands that actively support sailing, brands of the world's largest regattas.

According to the results of these meetings, we proposed to all interested persons the project of goals and objectives of the Federation, the classification of target audience, the new positioning, the new name. These were the first necessary steps before developing a new brand.

As part of the work on the new development strategy of the Russian Yachting Federation, we have identified all goals and objectives of the way, and investigated the sailing market, which proved to be very versatile and interesting.

Before we started work on the design, numerous references were picked up, the brand character and all values of the updated Federation were fully formulated.

A new logo was chosen almost unanimously at the meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Federation Council, which consisted of well-known businessmen-sailors. Its success, in our opinion, was that it very simply and succinctly conveyed the values that we have registered for the new brand: style and beauty, freedom, drive and openness. Time has shown that we were right with the new logo, and it quickly joined the life of the Russian sailing community, and, most importantly, was approved by the International Sailing Federation (ISAF).

The own label “ILoveRusYachting", created for active promotion of the Federation and sailing, was also developed. The wording “ILove" , so popular in today's world, allowed to complete the image of the contemporary Federation, made it more modern, democratic and open.

This is a unique rebranding project of the Federation which has existed in the market for over hundred years. More details about it can be found at the meeting with our agency!