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Sailing Photo Awards

Task: Project creation. Development and launch of a website: projecting, design and copyright. PR-support of the project, attraction of sponsors to the project, organization of awards ceremony.

As we reported earlier, working on the annual calendar of the Federation, we have spent a lot of effort to collect photographs of sailing. And when we prepared the layout of the calendar, we came up with a surprisingly simple, but not being afraid of the word, a brilliant idea - to create a resource where all amateurs and professionals can upload photos during the sailing season, share their experiences with a huge audience, not leaving the photos in their own archive only. Creating such a resource, we have also helped to solve the problem of the Federation with necessary photo content from the whole country.

The idea was so timely that the name and concept of the award were born very quickly. “Sailing Photo Awards is created for the people who have not yet discovered all the beauty of the most romantic sport. After viewing the photos of the award, it is simply impossible to remain indifferent. Someone, I'm sure, will want to try their hand in sailing, while others will simply add the page to the bookmark of their browser, and every morning, with a cup of coffee, will flip amazing photos and find inspiration for the beginning of a new day "- says Kate Malysheva, director of ViMarketing!

Sailing Photo Awards will be given in 7 categories: Portrait of Season, Emotion of Season, Extreme Sports Season, Landscape of Season, Subject of Season, Look with Humor and, most important, Photograph of Season.

The jury of the award, selected with great care, is composed of prominent public and political figures of Russia: President of IBS Group Anatoly Karachinskiy, producer and journalist Alexander Lyubimov, CEO of Axel Springer Russia Publishers Regina von Flemming, Director General of the branch of TAG Heuer in Russia and the CIS Oleg Kaidalov, Editor-in-Chief of Forbes magazine Elmar Murtazaev, Editor-in-Chief of GEO and GEO Traveller Vladimir Esipov. As well as the main inspirer and creator of the prize, director of ViMarketing! Katya Malysheva.

This is a joint project with the Russian Yachting Federation and the first example of creation of such a project by a marketing agency.