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New retail accessory brand Arancio creation

Task: Creation of a new accessory brand, positioning development, brand-book, strategy and marketing plan for 3 years, creation of a website with on-line store, content development, Social-media and PR-strategy, trade calendar for a year, shooting a movie about the brand history.

The agency team came to this fashion-project having already a work experience with the biggest fashion brand in Russia. It so happened, that acquaintance with the customer happened just at the moment when the idea of creating a new brand of accessories was in the process of nucleation. Our advices and comments on what kind of project can have a success in the Russian market, considering the recent studies of consumer behavior and dynamics of the market itself, became the beginning of cooperation on creation of a new brand, which we worked upon and continue to work with pleasure.

After meetings and discussions of work plans, a work-shop was held, at which a brand name Arancio was approved. Genius lies in simplicity: arancio in Italian means an orange tree, and it just has become a source of inspiration for a new project.

Logo Arancio, a tree of amazing beauty, was traced by hand and embodied all values of the brand. The concept that accessories are important, perfectly integrated into the logo and the marketing strategy developed by our agency.

"We got a really outstanding logo, petals and fruits drawn in details, perfectly embodied in Arancio products, - Kate Malysheva says about the project. - It turns out that the agency team has again created a logo with a strong graphic component".

An important part of our work was creation of a new brand website and online store, during preparation of which we have carefully designed Arancio photo-style, embodying all values and characteristics of the products of this brand, and most importantly the spirit and atmosphere of the brand.

The uniqueness of the project for us lies in a complex of works with consistent implementation of all developed strategies.