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LOGO for the corporatization program of ATAK

A new stage of strategic cooperation of ViMarketing! with the French network of ATAK supermarkets on creation of internal brand communications has started. For the purpose to increase motivation and commitment of the staff, ATAK launches the program of corporatization. The project is aimed to involve the staff of the company in business development.

The ViMarketing! team has faced a difficult task - to develop a logo and corporate style for the program of corporatization, visually reflecting the purposes and tasks of the new project. The design of the logo was to represent the accessibility and friendly message of the program. With its help the company was going to interest employees of different ages and positions, increase their loyalty and confidence in business.

ViMarketing! decided to take the corporate style of the brand as a basis and to create a logo concordant with the character of ATAK. As the central program item the tree symbolizing effective cooperation and high value of each employee in collaborative work of the big company was selected. The new character satisfied all expectations of the Customer and was approved immediately.