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Hearty marathon for the chain of ATAK supermarkets

Within the strategic cooperation on the development of internal brand communications, the team of the agency has developed the concept of festive actions, which will allow uniting all employees of the huge retail network stretched in the numerous Russian cities.

The beginning of the big congratulatory program was the launch of a huge Heart, which will travel from Moscow to 170 ATAK shops and will return to the capital on October 13, 2015 – precisely on the Birthday of the network. Each director will leave his/her wishes and signature, which will be placed in one of 170 cells located on the heart. This construction will allow collecting all cordial words of directors and shops' staff. The special technology of development will ensure safety of the main anniversary symbol in the course of its long travel across the Russian cities.

The marathon of the anniversary Heart will become a part of the program of celebration of the 10th anniversary of ATAK. The ViMarketing! team and the management of the network of supermarkets are preparing a set of other surprises for the staff of the company. For example, each shop will receive a box of "strategic focus" with all necessary things for the cheerful celebration of the anniversary.

It is important for the management of the ATAK network that no one employee will stand aside. The company gives great importance to the increase of loyalty of their staff, their involvement and interest in the general process. As it was conceived by ViMarketing!, the anniversary must become not only a great celebration, but also an event, which will allow uniting employees from different cities into one team sharing the common cause.