Brand Agency

Branding for National Sailing League

ViMarketing! Agency became the marketing partner in designing of the final stage of the most valuable yachting competition in Russia - National Sailing League in Sochi. For the company it was the first experience of branding for a large-scale sporting event.

The final stage took place at Sochi Grand Marina - one of the most beautiful places in the city. All media on the coastal area from lightboxes to mooring flags, drawing and award ceremony areas, press walls were designed, manufactured and installed by the agency. ViMarketing! has also developed brand products, gifts for the partners and participants of the final stage.

The main challenge for the agency was to create a brand design demonstrating the scale of the project, and to draw the audience's attention. ViMarketing! drew on experience of such large-scale sailing competitions as Extreme 40 and America's Cup, and that enabled it to create the desired image. National Sailing League design demonstrated the scale of the event as of the most valuable sailing competition in Russia. Special focus was on branding for the sponsors, including such a major one as United Shipbuilding Corporation, which made it possible to attract attention of new partners.