Brand Agency

Russian House project

ViMarketing! Agency has developed and implemented the project with a symbolic name "Russian House" for the Russian Yachting Federation teams taking part in competitions both in Russia and abroad. Thanks to a bright design of the project, the Russian delegates stand out against the participants from other countries.

"Russian House" is a spacious pavilion with a flipchart, projection device, cooler, table, chairs, wi-fi, music system, and office equipment inside it. The sportsmen meet here to hold briefings before the competitions, to analyze the results of the day's races, and to have a rest after a race. No turnkey solution was used during the project implementation, all "Russian House" elements were customized by ViMarketing! agency. The resulted construction can be easily assembled and disassembled, and be perfectly put into Mercedes-Benz Sprinter - a branded auto of the Federation. The vehicle of the Russian Yachting Federation is also an important branding element designed by ViMarketing! - a remarkable logo and bright splashes on the sides of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter catch the eye. A unique design makes the Russian team readily recognizable - one can catch sight of it well short of a competition site.