Brand Agency

Magic Box unique project

In anticipation of the 10th anniversary of ATAK retail chain in Russia, its Internal Brand Communications Department requested from the agency to develop a universal gift, which would help each supermarket of the chain be involved in this special event and celebrate it among colleagues. ViMarketing! developed a unique celebration kit named "Magic Box". These were carton boxes in eco style with a letter and gift wrapping. Their content remained under wraps for a long time, ViMarketing! kept the employees in suspense to the utmost, which made it possible to get their sincere response - they became enthusiastic over the extraordinary celebration kits. The agency has managed to unite in the "Magic Box" all the festive attributes from space design elements to team building games. Well-known tabletop games were specially adapted and produced for ATAK: "ATAKtivity" with the questions on the retail chain development history, as well as special assignment cards. Ingenious ATAK style souvenirs became enjoyable reward for the winners of the games and contests. In the kit the supermarkets have found an anniversary banner for a team selfie, which they could share with their colleagues from other supermarkets and the head office. Besides, all the employees had an opportunity to make a wish when launching a sky lantern in the shape of the main anniversary symbol - the heart.