Brand Agency

Internal brand communications for ATAK

Extensive cooperation with the French chain of discount convenience stores, which is part of Groupe Auchan and accounts for more than 5,000 of employees, is a unique experience constituting one of the competitive advantages of the agency. ViMarketing! touched upon practically all the aspects of the company internal processes, refreshed ATAK corporate identity and made it more contemporary. In close cooperation with the Internal Communications Department, the agency is engaged in corporate culture development and introducing of the company's activity, values and objects to the employees. ViMarketing! takes unconventional approaches and solutions, which permit to easily make this information known to the staff and involve them into ATAK life.

The agency produces branded and promotional gifts for the retail chain, makes a lot of videos from corporate to motivational, oriented towards boosting of sales. The agency assists in planning and arranging of the festive events: New Year, anniversary of the company. ViMarketing! team is engaged in holiday decoration of the head office of the retail chain. Within the framework of the partnership ViMarketing! is working at two global projects: corporatisation program for the staff and integration of ATAK new global concept. The efficiency of the agency work can be seen from the increase in two key figures: loyalty of employees and their involvement in achieving the common goal of the company. Internal brand communications development by ViMarketing! helps ATAK build a strong brand.